Business plans and feasibility for startups or existing operations

Our consulting services include:

Product introduction, positioning and branding

b-creative provides effective strategies for product positioning, branding and launching.
One of the single most valuable services we can offer to anyone undertaking a new product launch or for branding of their current product is to articulate the clear value proposition that sets your product apart from the competition. We can then help you package that product with our visual and communications services.

We will help you:

  • Develop company positioning and branding that gives a clear
    and credible promise of value in your organization or product.
  • Create a compelling value proposition that will differentiate
    your brand in the market.
  • Create a new category in your market.
  • Learn how to win the biggest battles concerning positioning
    and branding that occur in your own company
  • Determine the proper timing for product introduction and
    product lifecycle

Addressing the new realities of the business-to-business and industrial technology markets as opposed to the traditional consumer mass markets is an important consideration for any company producing a product. Where, exactly, your product fits into the market and the best strategies for deploying to that market are critical considerations. b-creative can provide the resources to help you make critical decisions affecting your product and how to position it within your key markets.

We’ll help you walk through the branding myths and misconceptions, understand brand identity and value and how to leverage your current brand or new product. All of these are key considerations to the success of your product. Contact us today to get the process started.

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