Business plans and feasibility for startups or existing operations

Our consulting services include:

Process Improvement and Development

Our consultants will work with you to understand your current business processes, the desired outcomes and help you to put a practical plan into operation. We provide:

  • Process audits and assessments
  • Leadership in process design and implementation
  • Coaching and development of management tools for evaluation
  • Methodologies and tools for assessing people and systems
  • Business process consulting and facilitation activities

Diverse organizations have diverse objectives. You may be involved in delivering information to association members or delivering products to customers around the corner or across the nation. Inevitably, there are questions that arise as to how to improve workflow process or develop new ones. Most of the time, these thoughts are fleeting and are usually put into the “things I’ll do later” basket as the pressing activities of the day take precedent. Or maybe you’re up against the wall and need to put something into place yesterday.

b-creative is committed to helping you improve what you do. From suggesting enterprise software to implementing a simple in-house Customer Relationship Management system or improvements to accounting systems, we’ll help you undertake and structure processes that will improve the way you do business. If you’ve got a “stop-gap” system in place or if you can see room for improvement (and who can’t?), b-creative can assist you with a short-term team to get new processes developed or up and running. Our company has wide depth of experience in technical and people-oriented process development.

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