Business plans and feasibility for startups or existing operations

Our consulting services include:

Market evaluation and competition analysis

Understanding key market metrics allows you to evaluate your product, offering or organization in the context of your competitive environment. What are your competitors doing? Where are the next technological developments coming from? Where is the market headed? A market evaluation should include all of the key influencing factors that affect how you compete:

  • Market intelligence or information gathering
  • The power of buyers, suppliers and substitutes
  • Barriers to marketplace entry and competitors
  • Benchmarking your current operation

Learning from the competition or accepting the competition’s good ideas may be the best way forward especially if the marketplace is responding. However, there may be internal company issues or cultural issues that mean this is difficult to accept or that the company may have to adopt fundamental changes in business practices. Of primary importance is understanding how your company fits into the present market, where the market is headed and how your company is positioned to adapt to those changes.

Changes in the marketplace can come from a number of areas. The trick is to not be blindsided by those changes and to be in a position to make rapid organizational changes if required. Not only can changes come about from the market itself, but from factors that influence the market including regulatory changes, environmental changes and other factors that may not be related directly to your day to day business operation. b-creative can help you evaluate where you are in today’s markets and help you prepare for the future.

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