Business plans and feasibility for startups or existing operations

Our consulting services include:

Marketing and Operational Evaluations

Even the most carefully developed marketing or operational plan is not guaranteed to provide maximum benefits. Because marketing and operational functions are closely tied, a change in one can have a profound effect on the other. Increasingly, businesses are breaking down the barriers between functional departments within an organization. The focus has been to integrate operational and marketing functions with interdepartmental teams aimed at providing customer satisfaction or a new customer experience.

Effective management involves close cooperation between these two areas to provide competitive and efficient results, whether you’re a “products” company or dealing with a membership base or other objectives. Consider a business that is making a switch from a bricks-and-mortar store to an online e-marketing presence. Old methodologies may no longer apply and new process and operations will be required to responds to the profoundly different processes brought about by the changes in marketing.

b-creative has over 20 years of in-the-trenches experience. We’ll help you optimize your marketing and operational investment in new ways and provide fresh perspectives on your present systems. We’ll identify inefficiencies, prescribe improvements and help your team become more efficient and effective. Whether your team consists of three people or 300, we’ll be there to help you fine-tune your marketing engine so you can reach your organizational objectives efficiently and effectively.

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