Business plans and feasibility for startups or existing operations

Our consulting services include:

Do You Really Need a Business Plan?

While some very successful businesses operate without a business plan, the discipline of actually writing and executing a business plan means that you’ll have a much stronger and tighter organization, be able to identify new opportunities as they arise and focus on the essential parts of your business operation without getting side-tracked.

Once you start analyzing your business or potential business, you’ll discover things in the planning stages that may help you avoid problems as you execute your plan. As well, a well-crafted business plan will keep you focused and on task. By formalizing your plan, you’re also formalizing your organization, planning your workflow and will be able to execute your plan with a greater likelihood of success.

Why b-creative?

b-creative consulting is here to add value to your organization through our honest appraisals of your business objectives. Whether you’re a business owner looking for a specific solution to a technical problem or a non-profit that’s re-grouping and trying to address overall organizational goals and objectives, having an experienced outside strategic-thinking team will help you meet your goals.
As versatile communicators and strategists, we help our clients:

  • Gain insight into business issues and opportunities,
  • Create strategies to address organizational goals,
  • Integrate new skills and processes to achieve ongoing business success.
  • Work with marketing to generate additional revenues or interest
  • Understand workflow performance improvement and processes
  • Project ROI on new and current business practices or processes
  • Evaluate management and employee functioning
  • Conduct customer surveys or improve marketing functions
  • Provide expert evaluation and discussion without employee leveraging or biased agendas
  • Launch new businesses, products or services

Why Use a Consultant?

A fresh perspective can help you out of a temporarily difficult situation or give you the information to bring in new systems or processes. Managing change is difficult enough when you have a full work load. We can help you by temporarily putting together a team to pull you through a rough spot or to bring in a new process. Whether your problem is technical, organizational or process-oriented, b-creative can respond at the appropriate level for your situation.

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