Without a doubt, one of the best things a company can do to enhance their image is to undertake a video production promoting their company, products or services. A well-done video production can offer answers to questions about your products or services on a 24 hour, on-demand basis on your company website.

Or give you an image boost at a trade show. Or show in detail a product or operation that is difficult to explain yet easy to grasp once seen in operation. But a video also lets your customers see how you present your goods and services. This “underlying message” speaks volumes about your company and values. So a video really becomes an extension of your corporate culture and values. Delivery can be streaming video (Internet TV), on-demand or physical ie. DVD, CD or computer file formats.

Video productions:

  • Promote your products, goods or services on an on-going basis
  • Adds to your company image
  • Answers questions or shows operations that are difficult to explain
  • Distinguishes you from your competition
  • Attracts new customers and answers common questions
  • Provides 24-hour answers to customers via your website
  • Becomes an excellent trade show or on-site sales tool
  • Gives customers a glimpse of your company culture
  • Are useful for social-networking sites

b-creative can show you how to develop your own video production or on-going productions, provide you with the tools to customize your videos or arrange complete shooting, production and promotion. When combined with our visual identity and branding services, the addition of videography to your company communications offerings helps to streamline operations and enhance your image. We’ll show you how.

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