Website promotion and execution

When most people think about website promotion, they tend to think of getting a high page ranking in Google. Which can be important, even to a local business. But, despite all the companies out there that tell you they can get you a Page 1 ranking, the truth is it takes time to build a Google ranking. Which we can help you with. But, while you wait for your rankings to kick in, what can you do with your website today that will help you with your overall goals and objectives? This is where looking at your website as not only a promotional tool but as a functional device to achieve organizational objectives comes into play. A properly designed multi-functional website should:

  • Allow people to see your promotional materials at their convenience
  • Gather routine data from your customers or schedule appointments
  • Become the focal point or an adjunct to your “traditional” advertising
  • Receive customer feedback and opinions
  • Allow you to take online payments for goods or services
  • Streamline office procedures and access to internal information
  • Gather feedback for advertising and promotional campaigns

Our approach to your website is no different than our approach to the goals of your organization or business. How can you use your website as a communications tool to boost your audience, to communicate effectively with your target market or to make it easier to do business with you? Also, how can your website make your life easier? Administrative functions can also be relegated to your website. So the first task in website promotion is to align website promotion to your organizational and operational objectives and to ensure the website achieves external and internal goals.

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