Public Relations campaigns from press releases to news conferences to events

Many people equate “public relations” with “spin doctoring” which, for organizations wishing to have an honest relationship with their target audience, is the single worst public relations policy available. In fact poorly formed public relations policies can do more to hurt you in the long run than most bad management decisions. Consequences range from financial damages to the collapse of organizations.

By presenting one side of a story or by failing to acknowledge that other sides exist leaves many people with the mistaken belief they’ve fulfilled their public relations duties. But is this really how a solid corporate public relations policy should be formulated? At b-creative we take public relations very seriously. And if you’re involved in public discourse, so should you.
We can help you with:

  • Reputation management and enhancement
  • Setting corporate public relations policies for different management levels
  • Training for executive public relations functions
  • Message rehearsals
  • Formulating public relations messages
  • Writing and producing press releases or public policy discourses
  • Responding to specific public relations issues
  • Public relations events
  • Publicity events

Depending on what your organization or group does for a living, public relations may be one of the biggest assets you’ll ever have to manage or it may be relegated to the back of a broom closet. But, if you’ve ever been involved in a public controversy or been the target of media attention, you’ve probably realized that management of your public image is as important, if not more so, than managing internal processes.

Consider that there are now dedicated “reputation management” companies that operate online to assess and respond to messages concerning your public image. Long before you get to this stage, b-creative can help you to formulate public relations campaigns, messages and teach you effective message management.

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