Advertising campaigns, advertising assessment and measurement

If you’re going to fish, bring the right bait is an old saw that applies to any advertising campaign. The right message delivered to the right audience can be written on the back of a napkin and, if compelling enough, will elicit a response. Which is the goal in any advertising or marketing campaign. Another old saying on the opposite end of the spectrum is that half of my advertising dollars are wasted; I just don’t know which half. This is the other conundrum facing advertisers.

What we also know is that if you don’t know why, in a very specific sense, your customers are dealing with you, it is next to impossible to design an effective advertising or marketing campaign. Our goal at b-creative is to bring your marketing and advertising messages into operational and strategic alignment.
We will help:

  • Ensure messages are effective and targeted
  • Implement advertising assessment as part of standard operating procedures
  • Help you to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Build brand awareness and value propositions in all advertising campaigns
  • Deliver targeted messages in all media
  • Help you to understand your ROI on your advertising investment
  • Ensure that advertising and marketing campaigns are integrated with operational and strategic objectives

In many cases, simple tracking and evaluation procedures can be implemented to help you narrow down where responses are being generated. Or we can design quite sophisticated tracking mechanisms. Because if you’re spending time and effort in your organization to bring awareness to your target markets, you’ll want to do it right. We’re here to help. 

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Our services include: