CASE STUDY: SUDS Full Service Car Wash

ODOR AXE logo for one of
many products developed
and sold at SUDS

OUR CLIENT: SUDS Family Car Wash


SUDS Family Car Wash was established in 2003 to fill a need for high quality, personal service in the Regina car wash market. Starting from scratch, they needed an appropriate look and feel to fascilitate their success moving forward in a niche market.


Consistent upbeat, welcoming brand development designed to attract families and upscale clientele
desiring a personal touch in the care of their automobiles.

  • A logo, a mascot, a website
  • Consistent branded advertising, menus, branded exterior and
    interior signage, and staff uniform
  • Branded community sponsorships


SUDS celebrated TEN years in operation September, 2013.
A common question fielded by business owner and entrepreneur Kirby Kazeil is

"Is this a franchise?"