Saskatchewan Tourism, Parks Culture and Sport led the project which also received Heritage Canada funding.
The anniversary event was hosted by the Stanley Mission Cree Nation, a member of the Lac La Ronge Indian Band.
It attracted tourists from around the globe.


A 150th anniversary is an extremely rare and special event, especially in Saskatchewan.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church at Stanley Mission is the oldest permanent structure in Saskatchewan dating back to 1853. It is also a nationally designated heritage site and a truly unique structure.

The organizers asked for a document to properly represent the occasion, the historic significance of the
structure, and the community which nurtures it.

OUR SOLUTION: A coffee table photo history of this important site

  • an over-sized full colour book, perfect-bound, self-covered
    printed on archive quality paper
  • digital copies of historic photos, documents and maps were
    carefully edited and enhanced
  • a Saskatchewan artist was commissioned to create a painting commemorating
    the event which was reproduced in the book
  • 10,000 copies of the book were printed and delivered to the event


Much like the original church organ that arrived by canoe, 10,000 copies of the 40 page book arrived in time for
Stanley Mission's 150th anniversary. The entire print run was dispursed within weeks of the official ceremony, some as official gifts, most through gift shops in the region.

The book became a central highlight of the event and continues to draw accolades.