Rome, Paris, London, Kenya, Wyoming ...

International Game Warden Magazine

OUR CLIENT: The North American Wildlife Enforcement Officers Association
(NAWEOA) in New York City.


Prior to 2002, NAWEOA's flagship publication was owned and operated by a private marketing company on behalf of the associaton. The association crunched its numbers and determined it would receive more value by regaining control so they purchased the magazine outright.

b-creative group was asked to provide creative and print management for this new project based on our work with the Saskatchewan Game Warden Magazine (now the Western Canadian Game Warden ).


IGW had to swim on its own almost immediately. The business plan required a very disciplined budget and tight controls. Advertising revenue would be required to supplement subscriptions to ensure the magazine broke even.
In addition, there could be no loss of service between the Summer 2002 and the redesigned Fall 2002 issues.


We facilitated the move from the outgoing marketing company. We performed a minor redesign of the cover to ensure subscribers recognition, and did a thorough makeover of the inside pages.


Nine years after relaunch, the magazine is thriving. Advertising revenue has allowed the magazine to move to a full color publication distributed to approximately 4000 conservation professionals and managers worldwide.

IGW magazine is a truly international affair and a techical marvel as well.

  • The client - NAWEOA - is located in New York City
  • The editor lives in Wyoming
  • The business manager is in upstate New York
  • The ad manager is in Oklahoma
  • We design in Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Articles are received from all over the globe, and
  • Print and mailing from Western Pennsylvania

FTP and PDFare our friends (with a bit of help from UPS) . In addition to creative, we provide ongoing business development and markeing support.