CASE STUDY: The Regina Humane Society


The Regina Humane Society is a not for profit organization dedicated to the well-being of animals in the Regina community.


The Regina Humane society experienced the sudden loss of its long time executive director and did not have a viable succession plan in place. In addition, the organization was experiencing considerable turnover and turmoil. The Board of Directors anticipated difficulties attracting a qualified replacement in the very short time required.


Maintaining management and program continuity, financial integrity, and public confidence during a specifically crucial time in the annual planning process, including the renegotiation of unionized staff contracts, and an upcoming 40th anniversary celebration.


The Humane Society Board of Directors approached b-creative group to provide temporary Executive Director services for a three-month period to meet these and other challenges. An experienced Association Executive was provided for on-site services on a half-time basis to provide stability and continuity.


Interim Executive Director services were extended for a total of six months and led the organization to accomplish the following:

  • Negotiation and update of a two-year collective agreement for employees,
  • Overhaul of financial practices to put in place new policies and procedures to ensure accountability of funds raised,
  • Organization-wide update of computer technology and new technology and systems, including website re-design, new equipment and common software,
  • Development and implementation of a 40th Anniversary celebration built around Princess Anne’s visit and a complete physical space rejuvenation led by the generous donations from the business community,
  • A job classification redesign that simplified 20 job positions into seven common roles,
  • Management of 27 staff and creation of stronger and more functional work environment,
  • Executive search and hiring of a permanent Executive Director,
  • New branding and image for the organization.

These services were delivered with the extensive support and cooperation of the Board, staff, volunteers, and supporters, all of whom are dedicated people and are absolutely committed to the cause.