CASE STUDY: First Steps Spinal Cord Injury Wellness Centre

First Steps Spinal Cord Injury Wellness Centre

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First Steps Wellness Centre Inc. is focused on optimizing the health and independence of those living with a spinal cord injury. It is a non-profit business operated by a volunteer Board of Directors.

This centre provides intense and consistent exercise-based recovery methods and wellness services through trained and dedicated staff and specialized fitness equipment. FSWC is located in Regina, Saskatchewan and the first program in Canada certified to be a Project Walk® provider facility.


First Steps' founders had a great cause, enthusiasm and a dream. They had only limited business or governance experience and no financial resources.

How does a new organization get launched when it has a great concept but no experience and no resources?


b-creative group specializes in business, start-ups, branding, governance and not-for-profits - a perfect fit. We provided services to the board which included:

  • Access to, and meetings with key stakeholders,
  • Continuing the dedicated efforts of key founders in
    strengthening the Board and organization,
  • Creating a corporate sponsorship package and helped
    attract initial corporate sponsors, and
  • Develop a brand and image, including logo,
    web-site,  and supporting print materials


First Steps has hit the ground running. as a self-sustaining wellness centre offering intensive training and rehabilitation services. They have attracted clients from across Canada - clients who have made great personal progress with the progam. b-creative group is proud to have contributed (and continues to contribute) our time, expertise, and resources to support these dedicated volunteers.