DowAgroscience Dealer Extranet

OUR CLIENT: McNair Business Development (MBD)


As Creative team lead for MBD in 2001, Bruce Weild designed a simple logo for DowAgrosciences' national dealer extranet as part of MBD's
ongoing web development relationship with the multinational corporation. A Calgary based advertising agency had been unable to deliver.
Shortly after completing that project b-creative group launched..

In 2009, MBD asked b-creative group to redesign DowAgro's secure dealer extranet.


Working with MBD's technology lead, I presented design options to DowAgro's management group. The final design included login, an
integrated iframe content presentation and a daily background image rotation representing the scope of DowAgrosciences' wide audience.


While DowAgrosciences' dealer extranet is a private site.the demo pages are posted on the b-creative site.

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